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Reliance Electric Application Examples

Reliance Electric Automax and Drives with Data-Linc Equipment

Reliance Electric, a division of Rockwell Automation, utilizes the Data-Linc SRM6000 frequency hopping spread spectrum, license-free radio modems (configured as point-to-point Master/Remote sets) for SCADA startup situations that require remote communication with Automax control networks and drive systems. These modems are proving themselves to be invaluable at startup where many times it is necessary to remotely program or edit Automax tasks located in control rooms several hundred yards from the machine site. This is accomplished by simply connecting the appropriate cable from the Automax control room processor's RS-232 programming port to the modem and, in a similar fashion, connecting the appropriate cable from the PC programming terminal's serial communication port to the second modem. This permits remote editing and monitoring of machine logic and drive control tasks in Automax versions 3.x and 4.x without ever having to leave the machine site and is accomplished at communication speeds of up to 19.2 Kbaud.

Reliance Electric and Allen-Bradley Companies Acquire Data-Linc Modems

Reliance Electric and Allen-Bradley have selected Data-Linc's SRM6000 Series frequency hopping spread spectrum, license-free wireless radio modems, DLM4000 Series dial-up modems and MDL500 FSK wire modems for a variety purposes. Allen-Bradley is using the rack mount SLC 5/03 SRM6000s for integration into their SCADA Pedestals (for MicroLogix, Drives and OnLine Controler) and the Electric Utility Substation Demo (which also includes the DLM4000 rack mount dial-up modem) for events such as the major exhibitions in which Rockwell Automation participates. Global Technical Services (GTS) also uses 18 Data-Linc PLC-5 and SLC 5/03 Rack Mount Versions of the SRM6000 Radio Modem (six Master/Remote sets comprised of 6 PLC-5 Rack Mount Masters and 12 SLC 5/03 Rack Mount Remote Modems) for the SCADA Seminars they are conducting worldwide at the rate of one each month. Reliance Electric employs the Data-Linc SRM6000 Radio Modems for installation tests including remote programming of the Reliance Automax Programmable Controllers and Reliance Drives.

Read how the California Water District eliminated all phone line charges and reduced labor costs by installing Data-Linc Radio Modems and thus saves $24,000 per year while improving system reliability.

For information or assistance with Data-Linc Group products or Reliance Electric applications, contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or

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