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As an Omron 'Solve It®' Partner and manufacturer of the broadest line of industrial grade modems in the world for wireless, fiber optic, as well as wired data transmission, Data-Linc Group prides itself in providing modems that ensure the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and integrity in the transmission of data between PLCs, RTUs, Computers, and other automation equipment. Connectivity, compatibility, and inter-operability with Omron Controllers and Networks helps ensure quick, easy installation and commissioning of systems, as well as reliable operation.

Omron is a global manufacturer of industrial automation Software and equipment including Programmable Controllers, MMI and SCADA, Communications Middleware, Networks and systems, Devicenet, I/O, Sensors, RFID, Power Supplies, Vision, Temperature Controllers, and more.

A partial list of Omron products that are compatible with Data-Linc modems include:

  • Omron Programmable Controllers
    Including CS1, C200H/HS/ Alpha, CQM1/H, CPM1A, CPM2A/B/C, SRM1,
    C**K, C**H, C500/1000H, 2000H

  • Omron Programmable Terminals (MMI)
    NT31/631 Series, NT11S, NT20S, NT2S

  • Omron CX Automation Suite of Software Products, FINS Gateway
    CX Programmer
    CX Motion
    CX Simulator
    CX Server OPC
    CX Supervisor (SCADA)
    CX Server LITE (ActiveX Controls)

  • Omron Open Network Controller

  • Omron Host Link Networks using Data-Linc SRM6000 Serial Radio Modems
    RS232 point-to-point, or RS422/485 Multidrop configurations
    Supports Host Link C Series and FINS Protocols

  • Omron Ethernet Networks using Data-Linc SRM6200 Ethernet Radio Modems
    TCP/IP, Socket Services
    UDP/IP, Embedded FINS Protocol
    CS1 Ladder Logic Commands
    Supports Multi-Level Routing

Contact Data-Linc via phone at (425) 882-2206 (Pacific Coast Time), fax (425) 867-0865 or email for assistance in providing additional application assistance and compatibility with additional Omron products.

Data-Linc Group specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of industrial data communications equipment. Exceptional data reliability and integrity is the hallmark of Data-Linc's reputation in the industrial automation market. Additionally, Data-Linc has a reputation for superior specs, features, benefits, support and service for its modems, peripherals and systems.

  • Data-Linc Modems and connecting cables are factory configured for each application, assuring trouble-free installation (no modem field settings, programming or adaptors required).

  • Data-Linc specializes in a complete line of Industrial Grade Modems, including license free spread spectrum radio modems, industrial dial-up/leased line, Bell 202, fiber optic and FSK wire modems.

  • Radio modem serial data rates to 115.2 Kbaud. Ethernet wireless data rates to 100 kbps (no directional antennas required) for TCP/IP connectivity. Range capability up to 35 miles without Repeaters and an operating temperature of -40° to 167°F (-40° to +75°C).

  • Data-Linc modems support point-to-point, multi-point and multi-tier/multi-drop applications.

  • Data-Linc employs only the most robust communications technologies to assure the ultimate in data reliability and integrity for data acquisition, control and SCADA applications:
      Frequency Shift Key (FSK) technology is immune to data transmission problems, providing the highest possible data reliability over any two conductor wire, shielded or unshielded, twisted or untwisted (no ground loop problems and immunity to EMI/RFI, noise and surge problems).

      Smart SpectrumTM Data-Linc's frequency hopping spread spectrum wireless technology, avoids data transmission problems.

  • Ability to transmit data across sliding contacts, slip rings, rolling wheels, brushes and other sparking sources.

  • Data can be superimposed on AC/DC power lines, PBX phone wires and instrumentation lines (without interfering with the current, voice or instrument signals) thereby eliminating the time and expense of data cable installation.

Our Omron diagrams section shows Data-Linc Modems interfacing with Omron equipment.

Omron Electronics, LLC
1 East Commerce Drive
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
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