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Industrial Data Communication News and Techniques • Nov 2007, V7 #1

Hybrid is not just for cars

SRM6220 and SRM6320 hybrid Ethernet-serial modems.
DLG introduces hybrid serial-Ethernet modems for Instrumentation and Industrial Automation environments. The 900 MHz SRM6220 and the 2.4 GHz SRM6320 modems feature Ethernet with serial tunneling that allows the user to connect to serial and/or Ethernet devices without requiring side by side networks or Ethernet-serial converters. Read the press release or get detailed information from the data sheets fro the SRM6220 and the SRM6320.

Appointments and Promotions

Vicente Perez recently joined Data-Linc's data communication team as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager. Vicente may be reached via email or phone. For more information and a map of his area of responsibility, go to press release.

Hal Williams joined the company as Global Sales and Marketing Manger in January of this year (see press release) and was promoted to General Manager July 1st. His office is at Corporate Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, where he may be reached by phone or email.

Data-Linc is pleased to announce their appointments and have them as part of our customer focused team.

Industry Interest

Four choices for Class 1 Div 2 wireless Ethernet installations—SRM7210E, SRM6210E, SRM6310E and SRM6310E-EU

Class 1 Div 2 certified 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Ethernet modems. SRM6310E-EU wireless is also CE Mark and ETSI compliant
Data-Linc's long-range, SRM6310E-EU wireless Ethernet modems, designed to meet European CE Mark and ETSI RF regulations, and the high speed SRM7210E wireless Ethernet modem join the SRM6210E 900 MHz band Ethernet radio modem and the SRM6310E 2.4 GHz Ethernet radio modem in offering Class 1 Div 2 certification. The SRM Family of modems combine advanced frequency hopping technology and a highly sensitive RF receiver to maximize transmission range and industrial performance. With the Class 1 Div 2 certification, these modems are the ideal choice for installation in hazardous environments demanding this standard.

See the data sheets for specifications regarding SRM7210E, SRM6210E, SRM6310E and SRM6310E-EU.

Product Profile

FastLinc FLC810E+ does it all "plus"

FastLinc FLC810E+ modem
The FastLinc 810E+, Data-Linc's 80211.b modem, replaces the FLC810E. It offers the same features and benefits the prior model, but has added advantages: higher RF power (300 mW), the ability to connect multiple Ethernet devices in station adaptor mode and a built-in router. Offering a range up to 6 miles (10 km) with unobstructed line-of-sight (farther using Repeaters), the FLC810E+ is ideal for wireless Ethernet communications in challenging industrial environments. The FastLinc FLC800C+ PCMCIA card also enhances the capabilities of the FLC800C+. Read more at FLC810E+ and FLC800C+.

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Value Added

LincViewTM OPC RF Network Diagnostics

Network topolgy tree view
Network topolgy tree screen shot
Real-time monitoring and control of complex networks becomes even easier

Data-Linc simplifies complex network management with the release of LincViewTM OPC which takes advantage of internal improvements in the robust SRM Family of wireless modems. While on the surface it appears as merely a new user interface, internally it functions as an OPC server whose additional features make monitoring and control of large, complex systems relatively simple. See what LincView OPC has to offer for networks using the SRM6210E, SRM6310E, SRM6310E-EU and now the high speed SRM7210E. Read more at LincViewTM OPC.

How Tough: Rocketry launch uses Data-Linc Modem

Data-Linc's FastLinc FLC810E+ wireless 802.11b Ethernet modem was chosen to relay GPS, acceleration, speed and altitude readings back to command central during a model rocket launch held on Lucerne Dry Lake Bed, in the Mojave Desert in California. How tough are Data-Linc modems? Click here to see the flight data.

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Wireless modems, cables, antennas and range

Antenna and cable installation FAQ
1. Question: What coax cable and antenna factors impact the range for wireless modems?

Answer: Radio modem range is affected by a number of parameters such as transmit power, receiver sensitivity, bit error rate, antenna cable signal loss, antenna signal gain, signal to noise ratio, line-of-sight, Fresnel effect and multipath fading. The calculation or accurate prediction of radio range is very complex. Fortunately, enough practical experience now exists to allow reasonable estimates to be made. Data-Linc is an unquestioned expert in this area for determining how to combine the influencing factors to provide the best solution for your specific application.

2. Question: Why do some of Data-Linc's competitors quote longer ranges for similar products?

Answer: Data-Linc has traditionally specified the range of its radio modems based on field experience with real-world applications using very conservative range specification. However. In the highly competitive environment of radio modem specsmanship, many people claim very long ranges based on ideal, unrealistic conditions such as using very short cables and high gain directional antennas. If you apply the competitive “specsmanship” standard to Data-Linc’s 900Mhz radio modems they would exceed 80 miles. This however is not a realistic application for a variety of reasons so we don’t write our specs that way.

When reading radio range specifications, be sure that the numbers stated reflect real world and not ideal operating environments. Get information on the type of antennas assumed and the coax length. Obtain examples of actual systems that are at the ranges specified. A system design and quotation based on unrealistic or faulty assumptions can be very expensive!

3. Question: When needing to extend the range of a radio network, which option would be better, directional antennas or repeaters?

Answer: That is going too largely depend on why you need to extend the range. Is there a line of site problem or low received signal strength? If you're dealing with a line of site issue then repeaters are the only way to go. While adding more gain to try to "power" through the obstacle seems logical it seldom works. Putting a repeater in a location where the two "non-line of site" modems can both locate it is sound radio network planning. On the other hand, if your issue is received signal strength related I.E. a long run of coax, a high noise environment, etc..., then a directional antenna can be a good way to go.

For other questions or more information, see FAQ page for wireless data communication products or contact Data-Linc Group at (425) 882-2206 or .

High performance, superior quality modems for a broad range of industrial applications.

Robust, reliable data communication, even in high interference environments.

License-free radio modems— no FCC/DOC site license required.

Industrial grade modems and networking products include:

  • Radio Modems
  • Wireless Ethernet FHSS
  • Wireless Ethernet 802.11
  • Diagnostic RF Network Software
  • Dial-up/Leased Line
  • Dedicated Wire FSK
  • Fiber optic Modems
  • Multi-port Modem Systems
  • Analog/Discrete I/O Extenders
  • Comprehensive Communication Systems
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