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About us


Data-Linc Overview

Data-Linc Group is a manufacturer of industrial data communications equipment. We offer the broadest line in the world of industrial grade modems. Since 1988, we have provided the products and knowledge that ensure the reliable transfer of data even in the most demanding environments. Customers from a broad range of industries have benefited from our datacom solutions. We support our products with outstanding service based upon our unparalleled knowledge of PLC communications.

At Data-Linc, we pride ourselves on providing highly reliable, robust data communication equipment that ensures user confidence in the integrity of the data transmitted. Our customers say that a high transfer rate is useless if the data can't be read. We guarantee high levels of accuracy and reliability in the midst of high EMI/RFI and extreme temperatures. But reliability and data integrity are not the only considerations when selecting data communication equipment. We encourage our customers to consider the future possibilities of expansion and change in their industrial automation system. Selecting Data-Linc Group's data communications equipment will meet your existing needs while providing the required versatility for a growing and evolving system in the future.

Broad industrial modem product line

Data-Linc solutions encompass all media types, promising that the best communication method is selected for each project. Our line of high performance data communication products includes:

  • License-free, serial, Ethernet and Protocol (serial & Ethernet) to wireless I/O FHSS (frequency hopping, spread spectrum) radio modems
  • Protocol to wireless I/O Master with Produce/Consume
  • License-free industrial 802.11 Ethernet wireless modems
  • Industrial dial-up/leased line and private-line modems
  • Spare-pair/dedicated-wire modems
  • AC/DC power line modems
  • OFDM high-speed modems— 54 Mbps in both 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz bands
  • Other special purpose modems

We ensure our product updates remain "backward compatible" so your legacy and new networks can communicate.

No obligation consultation

Because today's industrial applications are very complex, Data-Linc Group provides comprehensive requirements analysis at no cost. Our experienced application engineers thoroughly explain communication options and recommend the best solution for your application. Contact us by phone at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time, FAX (425) 867-0865, or address

Easy installation

Data-Linc Group takes the mystery out of modem installation by providing a pre-sales system analysis and then custom configures each modem and cable prior to shipping. This pre-configuration service that is completed before shipping eliminates challenging and time consuming installation concerns. Many clients consider this no-charge, value-added service a priceless feature. Produce/Consume firmwarm in the CIX Master Protocol to I/O unit means no messaging to write and no I/O mapping.


We stand behind our products. If a problem should arise, Data-Linc Group technicians will provide unlimited telephone troubleshooting until the problem is solved. We can often simulate PLC communication problems because we have access to the major manufacturers PLC systems in our support lab. This access provides a level of first-hand knowledge that assists in quick problem rectification.

Leading-edge products

Data-Linc Group avails itself of a wide range of technologies to produce modems specifically designed for the challenging industrial automation market. We research markets and industries to assess changing needs and emerging trends in order to develop and modify our data communication product line to meet those challenges. As newer technologies enter the mainstream market, we evaluate their potential and determine their appropriateness for industrial use. If a new communication technology performs well, we develop products for its use in industrial applications. As a result of this on-going process, we offer our customers robust, reliable solutions for the harshest of industrial environments.

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