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While Data-Linc Group provides data communication products for SCADA systems in the Water/Wastewater, Oil and Gas, Power/Utilities and Materials Handling areas, we also have an outstanding reputation for products and service that meet the data communication needs in many other industries. Below are some examples of applications utilizing our modems and peripherals.

Table of Content

Automotive Environmental Monitoring Food & Beverage Harsh Environment
Heavy Industry

Instrumentation Industry Light Industry Materials Handling Oil/Gas Petrochemical
Mining/Quarrying Oil & Gas Articles:
Metals Installation Examples

Power/Utility Security/Surveillance Transportation Water/WasteWater
Pulp and Paper Sports The CCS9000 is Wastewater
retired. Contact us for Water

other options.

Industry Applications Interfacing Equipment/Protocol Data-Linc Equipment
Truck assembly line
Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)
with diagram

Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40E
and SLC 5/05
bullet Stand alone serial wireless modems and Ethernet radio modems side-by-side, point-to-point systems
Power of One: Solar Car project
Read more about how Data-Linc Group is supporting solar car innovation with the installation of its 802.11b modems in the Power of One, an independent, environmentally-focused, solar car project.

bullet 802.11b FLC810E+ High Speed Wireless Ethernet 2.4 GHz Modem

 Environmental Monitoring  

Application notes

 Allen-Bradley SLC-5/04 bullet Chassis mount serial wireless modem

Oil operation air quality monitoring

Compac PCI, Ziatech PCs bullet Stand-alone Wireless Ethernet modems

Refinery GLM (Ground Level Air Monitoring) system w/ diagram

 Allen-Bradley SLC-5/04 bullet Chassis mount serial wireless modem
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 Food & Beverage

Application notes

 Harsh Environment

Application notes

 Heavy Industry    
    Application notes bullet Medium line FSK wire modem

Coke Pusher
Steel mill app note & diagram
Mitsubishi A3ACPU PLC with GPP Control Software
GE Fanuc Versa Max PLC
and PC w/ IC646TDV300 Cimplicity Server Software

bullet Stand alone Wireless Ethernet modems, point-to-multipoint system
    HSLT crane control diagram
GE Fanuc 90-70 PLCs bullet Stand alone Wireless Ethernet modems; side-by-side, point-to-point systems

    Lime kiln diagram Allen-Bradley SLC-5/04 bullet Stand alone serial wireless modem

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