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Honeywell Automation Application Examples

Utilization of Data-Linc Modems with Honeywell IAC Equipment

Data-Linc license-free radio modems and MDL500 FSK wireline modems have been used by Honeywell IAC in applications that require immunity to EMI, noise, surge and other common industrial environment problems. Following are a few typical examples:

  • A large oil refinery upgraded their Ground Level Air Monitoring (GLM) system. The legacy network included communication between Honeywell TDC3000 DCS system for monitoring and control of presentation, logging and another manufacturer's controllers for the data front end reporting Data-Linc's SRM serial modems were ideal for this application because all of Data-Linc's modems are factory preconfigured for each application to interface seamlessly with the connecting equipment. Installation was not only easy but very cost effective.
  • A pair of MDL500 modems are already installed on an instrumentation cable in a tank farm to connect a small Modicon PLC to the Honeywell Advanced Process Manager (APM). The Modicon PLC is a 984-141 and the connection to the Honeywell is the serial interface card in the APM. The MDL500 should be equally compatible with Honeywell DHP, HPM and PLCG or EPLCG.
  • In a major chemicals manufacturer, three Modicon 984's are connected via Data-Linc MDL500 remote modems to an MDL500 Master which is connected to a Honeywell HPM. The communications is RS-232 Modbus RTU, operating at 9600 baud with the data superimposed on instrumentation cable.
  • Honeywell Airport Systems installed a Stop Bar system using the SRM familiy's serial radio modem at SeaTac Airport, located just minutes south of Seattle. Stop Bar lighting systems guide airplanes from the taxiway to the runway during poor visibility conditions. Data-Linc license-free serial radio modems are providing back-up communication and passed a real-world test when heavy fog could have shut down airport operation. Read the complete article.

Contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or email info for assistance with your Honeywell applications.

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