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Fisher-Rosemount Automation Application Examples

Data-Linc Modems with DeltaV and ROC Equipment

Fisher Master/Remote ROC System
Phil Szajnuk of Equipment and Controls, the Fisher-Rosemount Distributor in Pittsburgh, originally tested three SRM6000 license free radio modems and the Data-Linc DD/AA1000 multiplexers (Operating temperature range for radios and multiplexers is -40° to 167°F; -40° to +75°C) with a Fisher Master/Remote ROC System. Both ease of installation and performance were flawless. The most recent application is for an eight radio system, utilizing the SRM6100 license-free 2.4-2.4835 GHz version for PC to ROC communications at an off shore oil facility in Nigeria.

Contact Data-Linc Group at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or for assistance with your Fisher-Rosemont applications.

Data-Linc Modems with Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV Equipment

A variety of Data-Linc modems have been used with Fisher-Rosemount ROC and DeltaV equipment. For example, a typical installation involves a clarifier tank with a rotating bridge at a large international Pulp & Paper company. On the bridge, a 4-20 signal represents motor torque. All the power for the bridge comes through a slip ring which does not contain any spare rings. There are also lights and other equipment on the bridge which prevents accurate measurement of the current from the ground. Replacing the slip ring was out of the question because of cost and downtime. Two possibilities existed: superimposing the 4-20 digitally on the 600v feed coming through the slip ring and stripping it off prior to the breaker, or using spread spectrum radios to transmit the data to a remote location. The latter was chosen because the 600V feed would need shut off to install or service the Data-Linc FSK digital power line modem. Once the client realized that wireless data transfer was possible, a second transmitter was added, multi-dropped to the same receiver for information on the far side of the pond (which could not be hardwired). The Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV was chosen for data collection and control. Eleven discretes from a MCC cabinet were added for data collection. The DeltaV controller was mounted local to the tank in an outbuilding, with an Ethernet link to the plant network allowing the DeltaV Workstation to be placed in the control room. A Cat5 network extender is used to extend the Ethernet 1400 feet via a single existing pair of copper wires between the two locations.

The purpose of the monitoring is to allow plant operators to react quickly to problems at the clarifier to prevent production losses. Previously, visual inspections were required to verify proper operation. This resulted in unnoticed failures resulting in lost production.

The system was in operation without error for 4 weeks and then caught a failure, preventing production interruptions. As a result it has paid for itself in preventing production loss. Also, the trending of motor torque, water temperature and level has provided operating insight and improved process efficiency.

Contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or for assistance with your Fisher-Rosemont applications.

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