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Data-Linc's Industrial Grade Modems and DataCom Peripherals Interface with SoftPLC-based Control Systems

SoftPLC In Tealware Slot Mount ModemData-Linc and SoftPLC Corporation have formed an alliance, to provide product compatibility and support for their joint customers. A SoftPLC Partners Program Participant, Data-Linc has adapted slot-mount versions of their modems to operate in the SoftPLC In TealwareTM system backplanes. In addition, many of the Data-Linc stand-alone serial and Ethernet modems operate with all SoftPLC based controllers, including SoftPLC In Tealware, SoftPLC Processors, and systems based on user-selected hardware platforms.

SoftPLC Corporation is an innovator and leader in the open architecture control market, providing reliable and feature-rich PC-based control software and embedded systems since 1994. SoftPLC Control Software has been used in a wide variety of industries throughout the world. SoftPLC, along with more traditional PLC application areas, has two areas of unique expertise:

  • e-Automation: SoftPLC's embedded web server and FTP server, as well as its embedded real-time Java Virtual Machine (JVM) give SoftPLC users many advantages in applications where real-time process data is needed in remote applications, including not only traditional modem connections, but also over a TCP/IP network such as the Internet.
  • Control system retrofits: SoftPLC is a specialist in converting older applications, particularly those utilizing Allen-Bradley PLC's. The SoftPLC editor, TOPDOC, includes built-in utilities to convert A-B ladder logic and documentation so that it will run in a SoftPLC. The new system can usually retain the original I/O structure. Additionally, SoftPLC systems can reside on many of the proprietary industrial network structures such as Data Highway, Data Highway Plus, Modbus and more - making equipment upgrades as cost effective, and as seamless and painless as possible.

SoftPLC has partnered with Data-Linc to help their customers requiring industrial modems in their applications, since Data-Linc manufactures the broadest line of industrial grade modems in the world and has focused its efforts toward insuring that the transmission of data between PLCs, RTUs, PCs and other industrial automation equipment achieves the highest possible level of accuracy, reliability and integrity. Full connectivity, compatibility and inter-operability with SoftPLC In Tealware, SoftPLC Processors, and other SoftPLC based controllers ensures ease of installation as well as providing insurance against potential operational problems. Data is transmitted serially by either RS-232/422/485 cabling (typically using DF1 protocol) or the SoftPLC Ethernet port. Data-Linc's turnkey data communications systems integration capabilities are another added benefit to SoftPLC users.

For more information on ProSoft products, visit the SoftPLC web site.

For information or assistance with Data-Linc Group products or SoftPLC applications, contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or

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