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Food and Beverage Industry Application

Updating Baking Company's Automation System Saves Time and Money

Data-Linc's license-free SRM6200E wireless Ethernet modems are part of two systems used by a major baking company that produces more than 10,000 loaves of bread per hour. The system incorporates a Master SRM wireless Ethernet modem and a Remote modem on each of the two mobile platforms used in the dough mixing and fermentation process at a large baking company in Tacoma, Washington, that produces more than 10,000 loaves of bread per hour. The plan was to embark on a $22 million upgrade to its plant operation.

This plant upgrade included systems from APV/Woodson, a food process equipment supplier, purchased through Lester Koch of Schaedler/Yesco Distributing, Inc. APV/Woodson utilized Data-Linc Group's SRM Ethernet radio modems in two of the systems.Operating the mobile platform

Mobile platform interior w/ SRM6200EThe new pan storage and retrieval system includes a laser guided mobile platform for retrieving pans from inventory. The system places the pans on a conveyor system and later, retrieves them for return to inventory. In the past, the mobile platform was connected to a SCADA system with a long umbilical cord (festoon) that was expensive, a drag on the platform and a high maintenance item as stress and bending wires resulting in broken lines that need repair or replacement at a cost in money and down-time.

Trough system main panel interior w/ SRM6200EBecause APV/Woodson constantly searches for ways to improve its products, they researched many different communication solutions to replac ethe wire, including optical, copper, fiber and RF which lead them to Data-Linc. The Ethernet SRM modems were selected because they provide reliable, low maintenance and high speed communications for data transfer, system monitoring and remote programming. The 10baseT crossover switch on the modem simplified system development, integration and testing.

Trough Main Panel- SRM6200E Ehternet Modems communicate throu steel-lined wallThe trough system was also updated incorporating a Master SRM Ethernet radio modem and a Remote modem on each of the two mobile platforms used in the dough mixing and fermentation process. The system operates much like the pan storage and retrieval system, with some exceptions.

The mobile platform is located in an environmentally controlled room with aOmni-directional antenna for S/R data vaia SRM6200E mean temperature of 75 degrees and 80% humidity. The platform communicates with the Master PLC through a floor to ceiling insulated wall that is lined on both sides with thin steel.

The APV/Woodson engineer responsible for the selection and installation commented about the ease and convenience of installing the Data-Linc Group modems. "It's like plugging in a wire," he said.

If your application requires accurate, reliable data communication, give us a call at (425) 882-2206.

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