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Solar Powered Car

Placing solar car panelsPower of One traverses the continent with performance data communicated via DATA-LINC's 802.11b modems

Since 2004, DATA-LINC has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Power of One, Marcelo da Luz's independent, environmentally-focused, solar car project. The development, testing and on-the-road monitoring requires that critical performance data be collected from the solar car and its support vehicles — temperature, power status, energy consumption, and the like. DATA-LINC has continued to be selected to provide the data communication component of the project because of its proven record of superior performance, even in harsh environments.

802.11b - FasstLinc 810E+  The FLC810E+ provides high-speed, secure wireless communications using 2.4 GHz direct sequence technology. It offers higher RF power (300mW) than commercial 802.11b products, the ability to connect multiple Ethernet devices in station adaptor mode and a built-in router.
Solar car
Power of One and the FLC810E+ meet the challenges of broad temperature ranges, operating in bitter cold to desert heat.

Rated at up to 6 miles (10 km) with unobstructed line-of-sight (farther using Repeaters), the FLC810E+ is ideal for wireless Ethernet communications in challenging environments. The FLC810E+ is housed in a sturdy steel enclosure with an optional DIN rail clip for mounting. It is designed for harsh environments and has an extended operating temperature of -40° to 150°F (-40 to +65°C).

Country map where the solar car passed
While crossing the country the solar car covered 33 states and stopped or passed by over 300 towns.

The FLC810E+ is easy to configure and trouble shoot using a web browser to access an internal web server. A software confi guration utility is also included. In 2007, the Power of One participated in the world distance tour covering 10,000 miles (16,440 km) in 42 days— approximately 243.23 miles (391.4km) per day. While crossing the country, the solar car covered 33 states and stopped in or passed by over 300 towns— an ambassador promoting the use of clean and sustainable energy. Visit for more information about the solar car project.

Power of One Specifications

Vehicles mass ~300kg (with driver) Solar Powered Car
Occupants 1 (driver)
Car Length 5.0m
Car Width 1.8m
Car Height 0.90m
Ground clearance 0.40m
Weight distribution 65% front, 35% rear Power control- dead man switch Active power control (no cruise control for safety)
Wheel track 1.2m Mechanical brake (front) Hydraulic disc brakes
Wheelbase 2.0m Electrical brake (rear) Regenerative braking (motor)
Wheel configuration 3 (two front, one rear) Battery mftr, chemistry, capacity EP Kokam, Li-Lon Polymer, each cell 3.7V-40Ah (27 cells)= 3.996Kwh
Wheel design & mftr, material XOF1 custom, aluminium Battery Pack Voltage 96V
Tire model, inflation pressure SLR93, 90PSI, IRC (rolling resistance ~ 2.5kg per 1,000kg) Battery monitoring system (BMS) XOF1 custom
Chassis construction Polyurethane foam covered in Fiberglas and reinforced with carbon fiber Motor type, operating voltage, weight, mftr Brushless DC, 84-108V, 20kg, NGM Corporation
Body construction (upper shell) Light foam covered in Fiberglas Solar cell type, efficiency, number of cells, mftr Mono-crystalline, 15%, 893, Shell solar
Front suspension Double A arm - fully adjustable Solar placement, material, mftr Double sided HVP foam tape, Specialty Tapes
Rear Suspension Double A arm Encapsulation method Conformal
Steering XOF1 custom (Tank steer style) Total array area (cell surface) 7.144sq m
802.11b— FastLinc810E+

FLC810E+ stand-alone wireless Ethernet 802.11b modem adds high power plus support for multiple field devices to the FastLinc Family

Maximum array output ~900 Watts
Number of power trackers, type 4, booster
Rear view Micro camera, image displayed to driver via portable viewer
Max speed 120 kmh
Frontal Area 0.723m^2

FastLinc FLC810E+ Features

  • Delivers high output power (300 mW) and excellent receiver sensitivity for outstanding in-plant RF coverage and outdoor range
  • Station Adapter Mode supports multiple field devices for wireless network bridging
  • Provides single radio repeater service using Data-Linc's proprietary IBR mode
  • Provides high level of security and repeater function with unique, non-WiFi wireless bridge mode (optional ESSID beacon suppression)
  • Offers a range of 6 miles with unobstructed line-of-sight (farther using Repeaters)
  • Supports Network Address Translation (NAT) routing feature and DHCP for dynamic IP address allocation
  • Designed with rugged 18 gage steel enclosure, universal mounting including an optional DIN rail clip for compact, flexibility
  • Withstands extended temperature of -40 to 65°C
  • Easy to configure with included software utility or web browser
  • Ensure security through built-in data encryption and authentication

See the data sheet for more about the FastLinc FLC810E+ 802.11b modem.

Field Proven Performance ~
Industrial Grade Support

Download (file size 1.4MB) a print quality pdf file of the article "Solar Powered Car"

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