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Industrial-grade  FHSS  License-free 900 MHz wireless Ethernet modem802.11b/g WiFi Compliant 900MHz Industrial grade, Long-range, High Speed OFDMModem802.11b/g/nWiFi Compliant 2.4 GHz High speed, Long-range, IP55 Wireless Modemprotocol to I/O and I/O to I/O Industrial 900 MHz Wireless modem: Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remote900 MHz Industrial unlicensed Wireless serial modem- low power, low costIndustrial 900 MHz low-cost Wireless discrete/analog I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remoteIndustrial Wireless Ethernet FHSS 900 MHz radio modemIndustrial 2.4 GHz  protocol to I/O and I/O to I/OWireless I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remote2.4 GHz license-free industrial Wireless FHSS serial radio modem- low power, low costIndustrial 2.4 G low-cost Wireless protocol to I/O and I/O to I/O discrete/analog I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remote2.4 GHz license-free industrial Wireless FHSS Ethernet radio modem- low power, low costIndustrial Wireless Ethernet FHSS 2.4 GHz radio modemIndustrial Wireless Serial FHSS 2.4 GHz radio modemIndustrial Wireless Ethernet chassis mount 900 MHz radio modemIndustrial Wireless Serial FHSS 900 MHz long-range radio modem

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Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)


SRM6230 Industrial Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem—
900MHz Unlicensed ISM Band

Data-Linc Group's SRM6230 unlicensed wireless, Ethernet modem for the 900 MHz ISM band


    • 900 MHz license-free ISM band

    • Range of 25+ miles (40+ km)

    • SmartSpectrumTM Technology for maximum data integrity, even in noisy environments

    • 10/100 Auto-MDIX Ethernet port

    • AES 256 encryption

    • RS-232 DB9 configuration port

    • Configurable as Master, Remote, Repeater and Remote/Repeater

    • User adjustable hop patterns and frequency zones for exceptional performance in close proximity networks

    • Replaces any legacy Ethernet SRM series radio modem

    • User assignable IP address

    • Factory custom-configured for easy, trouble-free installation

    • Optional DIN rail mounting

Data-Linc’s license-free SRM6230 Ethernet radio modem offers exceptional reliability, versatility and performance for Ethernet wireless data communications. This latest version offers improved hardware with a faster processor, while maintaining Data-Linc’s commitment to backward compatibility with its corresponding legacy Ethernet connectivity SRM6220, SRM6210E and SRM6200E versions.

Like its predecessors, the SRM6230 Ethernet radio module employs SmartSpectrumTM FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. Along with operating in the 900MHz ISM frequency band, customers benefit by the assurance of an ultra reliable, robust, proprietary wireless network with the benefit of exceptional data integrity even in noisy high RFI/EMI environments– including areas with existing wireless infrastructure.

The SRM6230 is software configurable. Data-Linc’s proprietary SetLincTM software, that is included with the SRM6330 modems, simplifies modem setup and configuration. The 10/100 Auto-MDIX Ethernet ports not only support data transfer but also provide access to the configuration software. Configuration is also available via a separate DB9 serial port. For remote sites, web configuration is also an option. For customer convenience and first-line diagnostics, the front panel includes LED status lights that provide direct access to critical information.

As with all members of the SRM Family of license-free SmartSpectrum Radio Modems, the SRM6230 supports both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network topologies and a virtually unlimited number of radios. Each modem can be individually configured as Master, Remote, Repeater and Remote/Repeater, through the included SetLincTM software.

The SRM6230 not only provides superior security through AES-256 encryption but also offers a long-distance range of up to 25 miles (40 km) with line-of-sight, farther with Repeaters and/or high gain antennas.

** Greater range in optimal conditions with clear line-of-sight, Repeaters and/or higher gain antennas.

Download a printable pdf (545K) version of this SRM6230 Ethernetl Modem data sheet. To read pdf files you need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader and install it on your PC.

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SRM6230-Unlicensed 900 MHz Wireless Ethernet Modem
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum


CD SetLincTM Configuration Software
User Manual
Test antenna
Ethernet Cat 5 cable
Power supply
Wall mount 115-230 VAC supply, 12 VDC output

Range 25 miles (40 km) with LOS & omni antennas
Output Power 1 Watt maximum (10 programmable steps) 30dB
Modulation Spread Spectrum, GFSK
Spreading code Frequency Hopping
Hop Patterns 15 (user selectable)
Occupied Bandwidth 230 KHz

Sensitivity -108 dBm @ 115.2 kbps for BER 10-4
-103 dBm @ 153.6 kbps for BER 10-4
Selectivity 40 dB @ fc ±230 KHz and 60dB @ fc ±460 KHz
System Gain 138dB

RF Data Transmission
Data Throughput 115.2 Kbps – 153.6 Kbps
Error Correction 32 bit CRC
Data Encryption 256-bit AES

10/100 Auto-MDIX Ethernet port
Serial Port
RS-232 – DB9 female
RS-485 – terminal block

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Standard thread SMA female
Supplied bench test antenna

Nominal Impedance 50 &Mac189;

Input Voltage 10-28VDC. Wall mount 12Vdc/
115-230VAC power supply included
Transmit Current 650mA@12Vdc (8W)
Receive Current 167mA@12Vdc (2W)

Operating Modes
Master, Remote, Repeater, Remote/Repeater

Configuration Software
SetLincTM included configuration software

Front panel LEDs Power, RF Carrier,
RF Out, RF In, LAN (Link-Act), Mode LEDs x 4

Operating Environment
Temperature -40º to 167º F (-40º to 75º C)
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

Standard 18 gauge steel
2.47 X 3.70 X 6.4 in. (6.274 X 9.398 X 16.26 cm)
Included Optional DIN rail mounting flanges (2)

1.8 lb (0.82 kg)

Enclosure Dimensions Diagram

P/N 155-09845-005
Specifications subject to change without notice. 140129
Smart Spectrum, LincView and SetLinc is a trademark of Data-Linc Group.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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