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Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)


Examples of Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem Applications

Data-Linc's wireless Ethernet radio modems are designed specifically for wireless Ethernet data communications in industrial environments and provide exceptional levels of data integrity and security. We offer remote PLC programming and diagnostics and wireless connectivity between corporate IS and control systems without expensive Ethernet cabling or where cable installation is impossible.

Data-Linc Ethernet modems can bridge two Ethernet segments or connect multiple Ethernet nodes to the Master PLC. We also offer either a 10Base-T (UTP) or 10Base-FL (fiber) interface to the Ethernet device. It uses MAC layer bridging for true protocol transparency and fully supports TCP/IP-based protocols. Data throughput rates up to 100 kbps (no directional antennas required in most applications) allow use in most Ethernet PLC applications, even those where hazardous environmnents require Class 1 Div 2.

For more information read "Applying Wireless to Ethernet/IP Industrial Networks" (an unpublished paper, January 2005) and "Extend Your Plant Network With Industrial Wireless Ethernet" which appeared in the I&CS Magazine. See also "License Free Ethernet Radio Modems: The Only Wireless Ethernet Modem Designed for Industrial Environments"— an excerpt of this article appeared in Industrial Computing Magazine.

For an explanation of the level of security afforded by Data-Linc's wireless modem data transfer, read "Data-Linc Group SRM Series Wireless Security: Understanding Wireless Modem Data Transmission." Or contact Data-Linc Group by phone (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time, fax (425) 867-0865 or email info.

Below are some examples of applications that utilize the features and benefits of our wireless Ethernet modem designed specifically for industrial environments.

Food Processing

Data-Linc's license-free Ethernet radio modems are part of two systems used by a major baking company that produces more than 10,000 loaves of bread per hour. The system incorporates a Master wireless Ethernet modem and a remote modem on each of the two mobile platforms used in the dough mixing and fermentation process. Read more...

Heavy Industry

HLST crane controls at shipbuilding facilityShipbuilding frame crane

Data-Linc wireless Ethernet modems provide reliable, cost-effective data communication for a large shipbuilding installation. Data needed to be transferred between two central monitoring/control stations and the new-concept HSLT (Hydraulic Synchronizing Lifting Technique) frame crane designed to handle oversized components. Engineers in China installed four wireless Ethernet modem to communicate between the HSLT crane and central control in two point-to-point systems.


Open Pit Mine

A large open pit mine is using the Data-Linc Group Ethernet radio modems with external antennas to communicate between a Master base unit at the server (Ethernet Hub) and an NEC laptop computer (Remote unit) running Windows 95 and 3 Com Ethernet with PCM/CIA support.

Since the Remote unit is mobile and could at times not have full line-of-sight to the Master, a Data-Linc Group wireless serial modem with an external antenna mounted at a central location, is used as a Repeater to support the system. The remote, unit mounted in a pick-up truck, is able to travel to various locations within the open pit mine while maintaining communications with the Master.

The Data-Linc Radio Modems are providing reliable communications in this mine application even during periods of extremely cold temperatures.


Telescope Project

Data-Linc Group teamed with the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) to support the International SOAR Telescope Project. The project involved a 4.3m diameter optical telescope and three wireless Ethernet modems. The Master, placed at the base of the 20m diameter fiberglass dome, is connected to a PC while the other two modems, on the internal surface of the dome, are connected to Ethernet PLCs. NOAO chose Data-Linc's wireless Ethernet modems because, even though line-of-sight could not be guaranteed at all times, Data-Linc's modems functioned flawlessly.

Oil and Gas/Petrochemical

Emissions Monitoring

Four Ethernet radio modems allow flexible monitoring of the emissions of SO2, HCT, NOX, CO and H2S to prevent or improve conditions effecting the environment and allow PEMEX to add future equipment to the existing network. All data can be viewed in the PEMEX network via a hub which is connected to the central office in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Various government organizations, such as SEDEZPA, PROFEPA, INE and others, are able to access and integrate their own equipment into the PEMEX network. Read the article.

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Electronic Flow Meter Monitoring

Data-Linc Group's license-free, wireless Ethernet modem was the preferred data acquisition solution for a US-based Fortune 500 energy services firm. The Data-Linc wireless Ethernet modem was specified to become an integral communications component of a new electronic flow meter monitoring network because it does not require expensive Ethernet cabling, and its range far exceeds that which can be achieved with Ethernet cabling. Data-Linc's wireless Ethernet fully supports TCP/IP based protocols and provides remote PLC programming and wireless connectivity between corporate IS and control. The wireless Ethernet modem provides cost effective, reliable, robust data communication.


Gas fuel heating application in Beijing China

Central Control consists of two Master SRM 2.4 GHz Ethernet radio modems, four SRM wireless Repeaters connected to an Ethenet Hub and two local PCs running WinCC HMI. Each of the 14 remote boiler rooms houses a PC with WinCC HMI software, a S7-300 PLC with Profibus D and an SRM wireless Ethernet modems. Read the application note.

(Also see, Lakeway Municipal Utility District below>)

Pulp and Paper

Clarifying Tank

A variety of Data-Linc modems have been used with Fisher-Rosemount ROC and DeltaV equipment. A typical installation involves a clarifier tank with a rotating bridge at a large international Pulp & Paper company. On the bridge, a 4-20 signal represents motor torque. All the power for the bridge comes through a slip ring which does not contain any spare rings. There are also lights and other equipment on the bridge which prevents accurate measurement of the current from the ground. Replacing the slip ring was out of the question because of cost and downtime.

Two possibilities existed: superimposing the 4-20 digitally on the 600v feed coming through the slip ring and stripping it off prior to the breaker, or using spread spectrum radios to transmit the data to a remote location. The latter was chosen because the 600V feed would need shut off to install or service the Data-Linc FSK digital power line modem.

Once the client realized that wireless data transfer was possible, a second transmitter was added, multi-dropped to the same receiver for information on the far side of the pond (which could not be hard wired). The Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV was chosen for data collection and control. Eleven discretes from a MCC cabinet were added for data collection. The DeltaV controller was mounted local to the tank in an outbuilding, with an Ethernet modem link to the plant network allowing the DeltaV Workstation to be placed in the control room. A Cat5 network extender is used to extend the Ethernet 1400 feet via a single existing pair of copper wires between the two locations.

Security Video Systems

Government Defense and State Department of Transportation

Data-Linc Group's license-free Ethernet radio modem installations more than satisfy the demanding requirements for video data transfer applications in government defense and state Department of Transportation video security sytems, for example. Because Data-Linc's wireless Ethernet modems can transmit data up to 15 miles line-of-sight (farther with Repeaters or directional antennas) and because they provide an exceptional level of data integrity and security, the Data-Linc modems have been the choice for data transmission in critical areas for state and federal government as well as military installations utilizing video security equipment. For information on compatible video vendors or for questions about your specific application, email or contact one of our application engineers at 425-882-2206 Pacific Coast Time. Also see the Security section (under Industries) on our web site.

For an explanation of the level of security afforded by Data-Linc's wireless modem data transfer, read "Data-Linc Group SRM Series Wireless Security: Understanding Wireless Modem Data Transmission."

Remote Camera Control

A petroleum company in Texas uses Data-Linc's wireless Ethernet modem with Modicon PLCs to monitor alarms, then control a remote camera to view the alarm site. (Also see Security section)


Ferry System

Data-Linc's Ethernet radio modem facilitates communications between a fleet of ferry boats and a shore facility. Data is gathered on the boats through an Ethernet fiber optic network, which is directly connected to an Ethernet radio modem (fiber to antenna). The 900 MHz Ethernet modems maintain reliable and uninterrupted communications at a range of 35 miles. Read more...


SCADA expansion project at Lakeway Municipal Utility District

Confronting growth and data accessibility demands in utility companies can involve exorbitant system upgrade costs. Lakeway Municipal Utility District in Austin, TX chose to incorporate Data-Linc Group’s wireless Ethernet radio modems with Allen-Bradley PLCs to economically expand their legacy system and close the data acquisition gap. Read complete article with diagram.

Water Reclamation

Victor Valley Water Reclamation Authority, located in Southern California, chose Data-Linc's license-free serial radio modems and wireless Ethernet modems to upgrade their existing communications network. The data from over a dozen remote pump stations is now available in virtual real time. (Read the article.)

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