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Data-Linc— one of select key partners for Initi@tive 2005, Schneider's focus on solutions and services worldwide

Data-Linc was pleased to be one of 30 companies included in Schneider Electric's Initi@tive 2005 campaign designed to respond to industry demands and strengthen its special relationship with customers around the world. Data-Linc's strong international presence, the quality of its customer support and the integrity of its products that provide seamless integration with Schneider equipment made it a prime choice. By including Data-Linc in this campaign, Schneider Electric recognizes Data-Linc Group as one of select key partners in Schneider's focus on solutions and services worldwide.

Data-Linc now offers the SRM6310E-QTM— a wireless Ethernet chassis mount modem for the Modicon Quantum Form Factor

Schneider Electric recently announced Data-Linc's new SRM6310E-QTM wireless Ethernet radio in a Modicon Quantum Form Factor for chassis mount convenience. The product was received with great interest when formally introduced in Latin America and at Schneider Electric's Init@ative 2005 campaign in Seville, Istanbul and Bangkok. Read about the Ethernet wireless chassis mount modem for Modicon Quantum Form Factor.

The Data-Linc SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem and Schneider Electric's Transparent Factory

In today’s era of worldwide factory automation it has become a necessity to pull this information together with a common communications architecture. Schneider Electric’s Transparent Factory has become the forerunner of Ethernet based automation. Utilizing TCP/IP and the vast Internet infrastructure it is now possible to easily access automated processes from a PC anywhere in the world. With this access a wealth of automation information can be obtained.

This Ethernet infrastructure does not usually exist on the factory floor or is difficult to establish due to the limitations of running cable. This is where the SRM6210E becomes an ideal addition for the Transparent Factory. It is possible to link several remote Ethernet Remote devices such as Momentum M1Es to the Ethernet network without having to run Ethernet cable. For example, it may be necessary to connect a Master PLC to a remote HUB location.

The advantages of using the SRM6210E in this environment are many. Some locations within or outside the factory may be prohibitively expensive or impossible to reach with cable. The SRM6200E will work at distances up to 30 miles, line-of-sight. Where the environment may be extremely noisy, the SRM6200E provides exceptional noise immunity. Portability may also be required. The SRM6200E can be easily relocated unlike installed Ethernet cable. , Finally, if distances reach beyond 30 miles or line-of-sight is not possible, Repeaters may be used to extend communication range. In summary, the SRM6200E can be a powerful device for Transparent Factory applications.

See diagrams of typical applications of the Wireless Transparent Factory in the Schneider Electric Schematic Section of our web site.

See the specifications, features and benefits for the SRM6210E Ethernet Radio Modem or for all of our other products via the Products section. Other versions for the 2.4-2.4835 GHz license free band, including a European version, are available.

The Data-Linc SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem and Schneider Electric's FactoryLink Control System

Schneider Electric’s FactoryLink Enterprise Control System allows users to customize their factory automation through program modules. This allows customers to build automation interfaces for their specific applications through the use of modules. FactoryLink ECS provides the customer with compatibility in a changing environment without having to rewrite programs. The SRM6200E license-free wireless Ethernet modem can be an important part of this environment.

Schneider Electric’s FactoryLink ECS WebClient allows internet and intranet control of the factory environment. From remote locations users can utilize a PC to gain control of factory processes as if they were sitting at the HMI. Ethernet becomes a necessary tool for use with the factory environment. Data-Linc’s SRM6200E is a highly noise immune and portable Ethernet connectivity solution for FactoryLink. There is no need to run costly cables throughout the factory. In many applications, it may not even be feasible to run cable to certain locations. The SRM6200E provides a wireless Ethernet connection (no site license required), at distances up to 30 miles, line-of-sight, and farther with Repeaters. At distances of up to one-quarter to one-half mile, however, line-of-sight is often unnecessary. In addition, one of the important advantages of the Data-Linc SRM6200E is the ability to use omni directional antennas at long range. Other Ethernet radio modems require Yagi directional antennas, even at much shorter distances, resulting in vulnerability to loss of communications due to periodic misalighnment problems. Finally, where it may be necessary to move the system, new cable no longer has to be run. Just move the SRM6200E to the new location

In summary, the SRM6200E wireless Ethernet modem can simplify as well as reduce the cost of Ethernet connectivity for FactoryLink applications. In some instances wireless is the only cost effective way to reach remote locations. The SRM6200E can be a powerful and flexible tool for these automation applications.

Modbus RTU Capability with Data-Linc SRM6000 Radio Modems

The Data-Linc SRM6000 Family of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Radio Modems (no site license required), previously available only for Modbus ASCII protocol applications, is now also compatible for installations requiring Modbus RTU protocol.

Rack Mount Versions of Data-Linc Modems for Modicon Compact 984 Rack Mount Convenience

Data-Linc's DLM4000 Series Dial-up/Leased Line Modems (19.2 Kbaud PLC Line Speed) and the SRM6000 Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Radio Modems (no site license required) can now be housed in the Compact 984 enclosure providing rack mount convenience. Rack mount versions continue to be available for Modicon Quantum and Rack 984, as well as Square D Sy/Max, rack mount applications.

Go to the Schneider/Modicon and Square D sections to see a number of typical schematics of Data-Linc modems interfaced with Schneider, Modicon and Square D automation equipment (Telemecanique also available, but not shown) for peer-to-peer, multi-drop, multi-point and SCADA applications.

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