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Omron Application Examples

SRM6100 Wireless Serial Radio Modems Revamp Operations in a Power Generation Plant in China

Mounted antenna (in forground) allows modems to transmit data between central control and ship-side coal unload manchines.
A power generation plant's coal-unload system that became operational in August of 1996 in China was brought into the 21st century by a recent revamping of the system. A PLC and supervisor PC provide the control and monitoring while an OMRON-200 PLC operates in the unload machine driver room. Ten mobile coal-unloaded machines work on ships during the coal handling process. Since 1996 coal-unload machines communicated with the control room through a slide wire with limited data transfer. Not only was data communication limited, but the slide wire was costly, difficult to maintain requiring continual maintenance for optimal performance. The revamped system utilizes Data-Linc's SRM6100 wireless serial radio modems which eliminate the need for costly slide wire.

wireless serial RF modem
SRM6100 wall mount in plant control room
Since the update the operator can read the parameters, movements and operations of the individual remote coal-unload machines and send control commands to them. Maintenance personnel in the control room can change the program on the remote PLC at the unload machine; additional PCs in the control room can share data from the unload machines; the PLCs have the capability to receive control and program commands from the control room; and if the primary PC (PC1) has problems, a switching circuit switches the SRM6100 wireless modem to another PC, ensuring the RF communication between control room and coal-unload machines.

For more information or answers to questions about your project, contact Data-Linc via phone (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time, fax (425) 867-0865 or email .

Data-Linc and Omron Team to Demonstrate Omron SCADA Systems

Omron provided live demos of Omron SCADA Systems with Data-Linc Ethernet License-free Radio Modems at National Manufacturing Week which was held at McCormick Center in Chicago.

SCADA diagram for NMW 2001

See other diagrams of typical applications in the Omron diagrams section of our web site.

See specifications, features and benefits for the SRM6000and SRM6100 serial radio Modems and the SRM6210E and SRM6310E Ethernet radio modems.

Wireless RF Modems Extend Network Distance and Provide Exceptional Noise Immunity in Remote Control and Monitoring Applications

Application Description

The ability to transmit data between remote locations reliably, regardless of weather conditions is a difficult and expensive project using conventional dedicated line, wire, or fiber optic network media. Extending the distance of Omron's Ethernet and Host Link networks without jeopardizing the reliability or integrity of the system is a key requirement in solving remote control and monitoring applications. Radio modems using spread spectrum technology from Data-Linc Group can provide a cost effective, reliable solution for these remote applications.

Omron/Data-Linc Group Application Solution Diagram

This diagram shows a typical Omron system configuration consisting of Omron CS1 controllers connected over Ethernet. The Data-Linc wireless Ethernet modems are used to extend the network, providing a reliable communications link between remote locations. 

    Ethernet Network system using Data-Linc Model SRM6200E and 6300E (license-free wireless 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz) Ethernet Radio Modems

    Host Link Network system using Data-Linc Model SRM6000/6100 Serial Radio Modems

    Omron CS1 and CX Automation Suite Software

Omron CS1 with Data-Linc Ethernet RF modems

Omron/Data-Linc Group Solution Features and Benefits

    Cost effectively transmit information reliably over 20 miles, with extended distances possible using Repeaters!

    Reliable extension of Omron's Host Link and Ethernet Networks

    Exceptional data reliability and integrity and the robust design which results in superior correlation/sensitivity and signal/noise specifications.

    Operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C for all SRM Series modems and industrial grade shock/vibration immunity.

    Serial version data rate of 115.2Kbaud, thereby providing substantial "cushion" in the event of interference, to protect and maintain PLC line speeds in spite of significant impact upon the radio throughput.

    Ethernet version's 100kbps data rate supports ranges of up to 35 miles with omni directional antennas and without Repeaters (multiples of this distance with Repeaters)

    Easy installation.

Omron/Data-Linc Group Advantages

    Omron's Host Link protocol has been performing for over 20 years in harsh industrial environments.

    Both Omron's Host Link and Ethernet network protocols are open and fully published.

Industries and Applications

    Mobile Machinery provides flexibility in relocating machinery often without installing costly communications cable.

    Rotating machinery and equipment where wiring is difficult due to the movement of the mechanics.

    Mining, Metals, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Power/Utilities, Transportation.

    Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Pump Stations in the water/wastewater and pipeline industries.

Product References

    Omron Host Link network is compatible with Data-Linc Series SRM6000 and SRM6100 Serial Radio Modems.

    Omron Ethernet Network is compatible with Data-Linc Series SRM6200E and SRM6300E Ethernet Radio Modems

    Omron Host Link and Ethernet networks are open, fully published protocols, and supported by Omron's CX Server and FINS Gateway network interface software.

See other diagrams of typical applications in the Omron Schematic Diagram of our web site.

Note the specifications, features and benefits for the SRM6000/SRM6100 Serial Radio Modems and the SRM6210E/SRM6310E Ethernet Radio Modems or for all of our other products via the Products section. European Union (EU) compliant radio modems, operating in the 2.4-2.4835 GHz license free band, are under development.

For Additional Information

Data-Linc Group
3535 Factoria Blvd. SE, Suite 100
Bellevue, Washington 98006 USA

Omron Electronics, Inc.
1 East Commerce Drive
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
847-843-7900 or

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