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802.11b/g WiFi Compliant 900MHz Industrial grade, Long-range, High Speed OFDMModem802.11b/g/n WiFi Compliant 2.4 GHz Industrial grade, Long-range, High Speed Modemprotocol to I/O and I/O to I/O Industrial 900 MHz Wireless modem: Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remoteIndustrial 2.4 GHz  protocol to I/O and I/O to I/OWireless I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remoteIndustrial 2.4 G low-cost Wireless protocol to I/O and I/O to I/O discrete/analog I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remoteIndustrial 900 MHz low-cost Wireless discrete/analog I/O extender as Master, Remote, Repeater or Repeater-remote2.4 GHz license-free industrial Wireless FHSS Ethernet radio modem- low power, low cost2.4 GHz license-free industrial Wireless FHSS serial radio modem- low power, low costIndustrial Wireless Ethernet FHSS 900 MHz radio modemIndustrial Wireless Serial FHSS 900 MHz long-range radio modemIndustrial Wireless Ethernet chassis mount 900 MHz radio modem900 MHz Industrial unlicensed Wireless serial modem- low power, low costIndustrial Wireless Serial FHSS 2.4 GHz radio modemIndustrial Wireless Ethernet FHSS 2.4 GHz radio modem

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PlantLincTM Family of Lower-Power, Lower-Range Lower-cost Radio Modems

The PLR5000 wireless serial modem has been retired, and although the PLR 6000 serices is not backward compatible with the "PLR5 series", the PlantLincTM Family line expanded to include serial, Ethernet, Ethernet/ and serial protocol to I/O and I/O to I/O options in both the 900MHz and the 2.4GHz license-free bands that includes a cost-effective wired I/O EXpandeR for additional I/O points at a Remote I/O site.

The PlantLinc Family of industrial grade modems were designed for cost-effective, lower-range PLC communications up to 5 miles (8 km) in the 900 MHz license-free band, and upt to 2 miles (3.2 km) in the 2.4 MHz license-free band. They employ frequency hopping transmission techniques for excellent reliability in noisy plant environments. It is a cost effective alternative to WiFi and other short to medium range applications where band crowding is increasingly an issue and to avoid cable installation, trenching and leasing expensive phone lines to remote locations.

PlantLinc modems may be used for in-plant applications including PLC networking, data collection, mobile systems (cranes, conveyor systems, warehouse automation) and outdoor SCADA communications for remote pump stations and sub-stations. It supports all common serial, Ethernet and I/O connectivity.

All are field configurable and support a number of operating modes including Master, Remote, Repeater and Remote/Repeater for added flexibility for your network design. Use PlantLinc radios to accommodate most plant wireless projects using easy to install omni directional antennas or yagi antennas when a stronger signal is required. They are also compatible with the corresponding long-range SRM and CIX modems to provide long-range communication for distant grouped nodes.

PlantLinc modems come housed in a rugged steel enclsure and are, DIN rail mountable designed for industiral environments where temperatures are between -20 to +75°C (-4 to +167°F).

Industrial Applications

• Communications to PLCs on moving platforms

• In-plant SCADA network communications

• Remote pump stations/substations communications

• Maintenance of remote PLCs

• Factory floor for data collection

For longer range, select the SRM Family or CIX I/O Family from the wireless product menu for ranges to 25+ miles (40 km) for 900MHz band and 10 miles (16 km) in the 2.4GHz band, farther with Repeaters and/or high gain antennas.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

PlantLinc is a trademark of Data-Linc Group

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