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Radio Modem Communications Guide for GE Fanuc PLCs Available from Data-Linc

Data-Linc Group, the leading provider of SNP Protocol license free radio modems, has developed a guide to wireless data communications for GE Fanuc PLCs. This unique guide identifies the data communication options available for GE Fanuc PLCs. The user can easily locate the optimal wireless radio modem and accessories necessary for simple, convenient and most of all, successful data communication installations. This data communication guide is available electronically or via mail. Please call (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or email and request the Guide to Wireless Data Communications with GE Fanuc PLCs, P/N 152-09999-001.

GE Fanuc Field Applications Document Available from Data-Linc

A document, including a wide variety of field applications is available from Data-Linc presenting point-to-point, multi-point and multi-tier/multi-point configuration schematics, including SCADA installations, interfacing with GE Fanuc equipment. To receive the Field Applications Document please call (425) 882-2206 or email

Data-Linc Dual Redundant Wireless Data Communications Systems

View a PowerPoint slide presentation that demonstrates the Data-Linc approach in support of redundancy system requirements using the license-free SRM6000 Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum wireless technology. Download the 25 slide pdf file (324K) to see the application of Data-Linc Radio Modems for primary and secondary redundancy systems with GE Fanuc equipment.

Data-Linc Group Offers Single Unit Remote/Repeater SNP/SNPX Protocol Radio Modems

Previously, Data-Linc Radio Modems were available for the CCM and RTU protocols which permitted a single modem to serve as a Repeater in "Store-and-Forward" mode, allowing the Repeater to also be used for local control and monitoring. This feature is now available for SNP/SNPX as well. Prior to this release a Remote site that was also intended to be a Repeater site required two units.

Communication of the GE Fanuc SNP/SNPX Break Pulse Using Data-Linc Industrial Modems

The SNP/SNPX "Break Pulse" is a nonstandard length logic high signal used to alert Remote devices using the SNP/SNPX protocol to be ready to receive a message. The break pulse can be from 3 character lengths to 400ms long. Since it is not in standard asynchronous serial data format with start and stop bits, most modems have difficulty with or cannot communicate the break pulse. Data-Linc actually manufactures the only license free spread spectrum radio modem listed as a GE Fanuc Accompany Program product capable of providing SNP/SNPX communication.

Data-Linc Group has designed and configured its industrial modems to communicate the break pulse which allows both point-to-point and multi-drop communication between a PC or GE Fanuc Master PLC and Remote(s) through the Remote's programming port. A list of Data-Linc's modem and part numbers for this function is shown below:

    DLM4000/SNP 9600 baud full duplex dial-up/leased line modem
    FDM7000 19200 baud full duplex fiber optic modem
    LLM1000 1200 baud half duplex leased line modem
    MDL500 9600 baud half/full duplex private line modem
    SRM6000/SNP 19200 baud half/full duplex radio modem

Connection from the modem to the SNP port is through a Horner Miniconverter (GE Part #IC690ACC901) and a Data-Linc RS-232 cable (Data-Linc part #C232/[modem three letter designator/GESNP).

The break pulse communication capability of all of Data-Linc's modems means that GE Fanuc PLC communication networks can access the programming port of the 90 and Micro series devices for remote programming or register down load. Virtually any wireless, wire or hybrid communications capability is now available from Data-Linc, from a few hundred feet to around the globe.

Data-Linc manufactures the broadest line of in the world of industrial grade, high performance, custom configured modems and is a Cooperating  Level Accompany Program Participant. All Data-Linc wireless, dial-up/leased line, fiber optic and FSK wire modems (and multiplexers) are factory configured for each application, thereby providing simple installation. Rack mount versions of most Data-Linc modems are also available.

Go to the diagrams section to see several typical examples of various Data-Linc modems interfaced with GE Fanuc automation equipment for peer-to-peer, multi-drop, multi-point and SCADA applications.

Data-Linc Modems, Robust and Reliable

GE Fanuc Automation has accepted the Data-Linc license-free SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem as an Authorized GE Fanuc Accompany Program Product. The SRM6200E wireless Ethernet modem is appropriate for applications requiring TCP/IP as well as 10Base-T and 10Base-FL connectivity, including the CPU 364 as well as other Ethernet compatible devices.

With the rapidly growing importance of Ethernet, particularly as a result of its ease of connectivity, multiplexing and networking capabilities, the addition of license-free wireless data communication can be invaluable for a wide variety of applications that also include large scale SCADA and DCS installations. The SRM6200E is the subject of a five page article in the ISA Show Issue of I&CS (Instrumentation & Control Systems) Magazine. The article entitled "Extend Your Plant Network with Industrial Wireless Ethernet" that appears in the Articles & Technical Papers section. If you have not already done so, please also visit the updated GE Fanuc Schematics in the Modem/PLC/PC Schematics section and see the information in the GE Fanuc area of Alliance Partner Programs.

In October 2000, the SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem was demonstrated in a dual redundancy application at the GE Fanuc Critical Control User's Conference. Data-Linc Ethernet Radio Modems were involved in live demonstrations operating with GE Fanuc equipment in the GE Fanuc Exhibit at the ISA Convention in Philadelphia and the WEFTEC Water/Wastewater Annual Exhibition in New Orleans.

As part of the ISA Expo 2000, GE Fanuc highlighted the communications capabilities of the VersaMax I/O & Control product line. Included in this display was Data-Linc's license-free SRM6200E Ethernet radio modems. The VersaMax CPU acts as a communications gateway, using the Data-Linc modem to allow wireless Ethernet access to control and monitoring information, as well as I/O data reported over DeviceNet and Profibus Networks.

Get more information on the SRM6210E and on our Smart SpectrumTM technology which illustrates the superiority of Data-Linc's "Smart SpectrumTM" approach to frequency hopping spread spectrum technology for license-free industrial wireless applications by calling (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or emailing

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