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dial-up FSK modem for SCADA PLC applications
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Frequently Asked Questions

LLM1100 Leased Line Modem

Q: What is the difference between the LLM1100/B202 and the LLM1100/V.23?

A: The LLM1100/B202 modem operates at 1200 and 2200Hz. The LLM1100/V.23 operates at 1300 and 2100Hz.

Q: Are the LLM1100/B202 and the LLM1100/V.23 compatible with each other?

A: They are not compatible with each other. The LLM1100/B202 needs to communicate with another LLM1100/B202, and the LLM1100/V.23 with another LLM1100/V.23.

Q: Is there an advantage to using one over the other?

A: If your application involves additions to existing Bell 202 telephone networks or replacements of defective Bell 202 modems that are no longer available, the LLM1100/B202 would be the modem of choice as it is compatible with systems using other brand Bell 202 modems. But otherwise, telephone company lines will pass all of these frequencies of both the LLM1100/B202 and the LLM1100/V.23 modems.

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