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Data-Linc wireless Ethernet modems pass Siemens' testing for use with SINAUT System employing HMI

Data-Linc SRM license-free, Ethernet Radio modems recently passed Siemens testing without a hitch. Control and monitoring of remote SCADA sites has become easier with Siemens' HMI— the SINAUT ST7 Telecontrol with SIMATIC— and Data LInc's SRM wireless Ethernet modems for long-range data transfer. When installed on the central control PC, this software makes the monitoring and control of simple to complex networks easy. For Ethernet communication the SINAUT unit must be equipped with the new communication module TIM 3V-IE.

Data-Linc SRM Ethernet radio modems extend the data communication range capability of Siemens SINAUT System. With line of sight, using only omni directional antennas Data-Linc's modems allow communication between Master Control and remote sites for up to 25 miles (40 Km) away using the 900 MHz version or 15 miles (24 Km) using the 2.4 GHz band*. As expected, the Data-Linc modems interface seamlessly with the Siemens equipment to provide robust, reliable and long range data transfer.

See a diagram of Data-Linc Ethernet radio modem in an Ethernet SINAUT System.

* Serial and Ethernet versions of Data-Linc radio modems that are CE marked and conform to EU regulations, are available for use in EU countries- range of 8 Km (5 miles), also with line-of-sight and omni directional antennas and farther with Repeaters.

Wireless SINAUT System uses Data-Linc SRM serial modems

The SINAUT Telecontrol System has been tested and approved by Siemens Headquarters for use with Data-Linc's SRM6000 frequency hopping spread spectrum radio modems (no site license required) providing a "Wireless SINAUT System" option. The SINAUT ST7 Station Control System, in combination with the SINAUT ST7cc Control Center including TIM support for Wide Area Networks, will support up to 32,000 stations. Siemens has generated a Test Report, available from Data-Linc or from Siemens, providing the SINAUT configuration settings for applications requiring a wireless SINAUT System (range capability up to 40 miles without Repeaters and multiples of this range with Repeaters, radio modem data rates up to 115.2 Kbaud and extended temperature range as well as exceptional data reliability and integrity). Request the "Wireless SINAUT System" Test Report from Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 or email info.

See a diagram of Data-Linc serial radio and dial-up modems in a SINAUT System.

The following summary presents SINAUT System features and benefits:

SINAUT Tele-Control System Performance
SINAUT ST7 Station Control System

  • Up to 32000 stations supported
  • TIM support Wide Area networks (WAN)
    • Dedicated lines, private or Leased
    • Radio systems
    • Analog telephone networks
    • Digital ISDN networks
    • GSM networks
    • Redundant WAN
  • Programming over entire WAN
  • Station to Station messaging
  • Date & Time Stamping of messages
  • 1 MB message storage buffer in TIM
  • Data priority setting

SINAUT ST7cc Control Center

  • Based on SIMATIC WinCC
  • Client/Server
  • Direct connect to ST7 TIM (Tele-Control interface module)
  • Station status information via faceplates
  • Monitor/Control of out-stations

For additional information visit the Siemens Diagrams section of our web site and our Siemens Product Partner page
, contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 or email info.


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