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Ethernet/IP Wireless Networking

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Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley and Reliance Electric Projects and Activities

Data-Linc Supports Rockwell Ethernet/IP
Applying Wireless to Ethernet/IP Networks

Ethernet has matured into a standard communication protocol for industrial networks. Rockwell Automation's implementation - Ethernet/IP - has become widely popular. In addition to the elimination of costly wiring, wireless Ethernet has become standard in many work places because it provides a high degree of convenience and mobility. Read how Data-Linc supports Rockwell's Ethernet/IP networks for both explicit and implicit messaging.

Data-Linc Becomes Asia Pacific Encompass Partner

Rockwell Automation recently announced the addition of Data-Linc Group to its Asia Pacific Encompass team making it the ninth Encompass partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Data-Linc currently provides data communication (modem) products for the industrial environment that are approved for line, fiber optic and radio modems and are referenced in the Encompass portfolio. Data-Linc has been active in the region particularly in China and provides support in both English and Mandarin to assist in expanding the business in this region.

Introducing the New Wireless, License-free Chassis Mount Ethernet Modem

The new SRM6200E-SLC is a license-free, wireless Ethernet modem, designed for seamless integration with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05TM PLCs. A complete data communications solution, the SRM6200E-SLC is ideal for systems where cable installation is difficult or cost prohibitive— including SCADA applications, such as water/wastewater and oil/gas pipeline communications. (Please see press release.)

NetLinxTM Without Wires: Wireless Ethernet Improves Plant Productivity

Rockwell Automation's NetLinx network architecture provides seamless communication between Ethernet, ControlNet and DeviceNet. Now with Data-Linc Group's SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem, industrial plants may gain the benefits of NetLinx without additional cable installation. Designed for control, configuration and data collection applications, the NetLinx architecture adds broad capability to Ethernet in Allen-Bradley systems. By providing a highly reliable wireless Ethernet connection, peripherals may communicate on the plant network without the expense and delay of cable installation.

The wireless connectivity also solves the problem of communicating to devices where cable installation is impossible such as portable workstations and devices installed on moving platforms. In the past, these devices would be isolated from the plant network. For example, a portable PC may now connect to the network virtually anywhere in the plant. This permits plant engineers to work at the problem location while having full access to the Rockwell Automation network. Remote locations up to 20 miles away (farther using Repeaters) may also connect to the plant network using the SRM6200E. This eliminates the cost and unreliability of leasing telephone lines.

Applications for the SRM6200E Radio Modem include:

  • Portable computers used for programming and configuration
  • Communicating with PLCs on moving platforms or vehicles
  • Installing HMI stations in moving vehicles
  • Connecting remote systems without using phone company lines
  • Adding servers to the plant network for data collection and analysis

See a typical diagram of the Wireless NetLinx System in the Rockwell Automation Diagrams Section of our web site.

See the specifications, features and benefits of our license-free Ethernet radio modems or of our other products via the Products section. Other versions for the 2.4-2.4835 GHz license free band, including a European version, are available.

Data-Linc Group Radio Modems Featured in A-B Journal Article

In the A-B Journal, Data-Linc Group is featured in a Partner Application article. Data-Linc Group was instrumental in developing a data acquisition system for Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority in Southern California. Data-Linc successfully integrated Allen-Bradley PLC-5s and MicroLogix programmable logic controllers with Data-Linc radio modems and wireless Ethernet modems for accurate, reliable and near real-time data acquisition.

This scalable, high-speed, multi-tier, multi-drop radio frequency communications network delivers precise measurements quickly. Victor Valley engineers can turn pumps on or off, control water pressure and adjust flow levels from a computer in the main station, saving time and labor. "I can even monitor and make adjustments to the pumps from my PC at home so I don't have to send somebody out there," said Bruce Correia, application engineer, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority.

Read the complete article, on the A-B Journal web site.

Updated Document of Data-Linc Products Interfaced With Rockwell Automation Equipment Now Available

An updated document containing a variety of industrial application schematics utilizing Data-Linc data communication equipment interfaced with Rockwell Automation equipment can be obtained by contacting Data-Linc via address or (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time. Please request "Industrial Data Communication Applications Interfacing with Rockwell Automation Equipment."

Wireless ControlLogix With Data-Linc Ethernet Radio Modems

Data-Linc introduces license-free data communications for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform utilizing the SRM6200E Ethernet Radio Modem (10Base-T, 10Base-FL, TCP/IP) providing exceptional data reliability and integrity as a result of its Smart Spectrum™ frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. The important advantages of industrial Ethernet communications, including ease of connectivity and multiplexing, make the Data-Linc SRM6200E an ideal solution for interfacing with Ethernet capable industrial automation equipment. The SRM6000 Serial radio modem and the SRM6200E will be both be available for rack mount.

Allen-Bradley Hands-on Training Features a SCADA Application Using Data-Linc Radio Modems

Six half day hands-on training sessions, presented by Allen-Bradley's Automation Specialist Ken Roach, focused on a SCADA application incorporating a DF1 multidrop network as controlled from an RSView Master station. Rockwell Automation asked Data-Linc to supply its SRM6000 license free radio modems for these wireless demos which were part of the three day SCADA Seminars they conducted in six west coast cities from San Francisco to Seattle during May and June, 2000. Topics included RSView and DF1 fundamentals, remote device configuration, configuring the RSLinx DF1 Polling Master Driver, using RSView for system monitoring and control, tuning DF1 parameters, system troubleshooting, tips on minimizing system disruption due to missing remotes and incorporating a Remote programming station. A diagram of the demo system, as well as other diagrams showing Data-Linc modems interfaced with Allen-Bradley Equipment, can be seen by going to our Allen-Bradley diagrams section.

Data-Linc Wireless Modems Let You Install Allen-Bradley PanelView "Anywhere You Need It"

The space-saving design of the Allen-Bradley PanelView, available in a flat panel or 14-inch CRT, makes it very convenient for use in monitoring and control applications on the shop floor. Unfortunately, in the typical industrial environment, wiring it to a PLC that isn't located in the same area is rarely as convenient. Rather than investing time and money into running cable or worrying about cabling distance limitations, why not consider a wireless alternative instead?

A pair of Data-Linc license-free SRM6000 Radio Modems can connect your PanelView Master to a remote DF1 Channel 0 device such as a PLC – even at distances up to 35 miles! Reliable communication even in high interference is assured because of Data-Linc's Smart Spectrum™ technology that uses advanced frequency hopping and error correction. The modems are capable of high-speed data rates including 19.2 kbps, the typical data rate for PanelView. The SRM6000 comes factory pre-configured for your specific application to ensure easy installation and operation.

Data-Linc successfully demonstrated this "wireless" PanelView in action at Automation Fair '98 in St. Louis, controlling discrete I/O with a PanelView connected via wireless link to a remote MicroLogix controller.

Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 & 1500 Controllers as DF1 Half-Duplex Remotes With Data-Linc LLM1000 & the New LLM1100 FSK Wireline Modems

DF1 half-duplex protocol and RTS/CTS hardware handshaking have been added to the RS-232 serial ports of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers. This improvement allows these popular controllers to be used as half-duplex Remotes to a New Platform PLC-5, SLC-5/03, /04 and /05, or other DF1 half-duplex Master devices.

MicroLogix 1000 controllers prior to Series D did not have this half-duplex functionality. All MicroLogix 1000 controllers with analog, and all MicroLogix 1500 controllers have this functionality.

The Data-Linc LLM1000 and LLM1100 units are compact, cost-effective long-line modems that operate over any dedicated twisted pair wire. They have a maximum data rate of 1200 baud in half-duplex mode for multi-drop applications. The LLM modems require hardware handshaking

To receive the full six page report, including configuration and ladder logic in MSWord or PDF format, contact address.

Save Time: Troubleshoot SLC and PLC Controllers Using Data-Linc Modems

The above title served as the heading for the June 1998 issue of the Automation Report of North Coast Electric Company, the Allen-Bradley Distributor responsible for Oregon, Washington and Alaska. A representation of the article's main focus follows:

No more driving or flying to off site locations.
Use your Data-Linc modem to dial-up the controller
and do your troubleshooting.

Data-Linc radio modems (no site license required), Ethernet license-free wireless bridges and fiber optic Ethernet modems can be used for remote troubleshooting. In addition, Data-Linc dial-up modems can also be used for the same purpose employing its auto-dial feature. This capability is a result of Data-Linc's practice of custom configuring its modems and the connecting cables, thereby assuring ease of installation at the remote site.

The version 2.0 of RSLinx allows you to keep an electronic phone book to call remote installations of MicroLogix, SLC-500 or RSLogix 5 programming software to program and troubleshoot ladder logic. Just imagine the time saved.

Allen-Bradley and Data-Linc Save Camrosa Water District $24,000 per Year

Read how the California Water District eliminated all phone line charges and reduced labor costs by installing Allen-Bradley equipment and Data-Linc Radio Modems and now saves $24,000 per year while improving system reliability.

Allen-Bradley and Reliance Electric Companies Acquire Data-Linc Modems

Allen-Bradley and Reliance Electric have selected Data-Linc's SRM6000 Series Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Radio Modems (no site license required), DLM4000 Series Dial-up Modems and MDL500 FSK Wire Modems for a number of varied purposes. Allen-Bradley is using the rack mount SLC 5/03 SRM6000s for integration into their SCADA Pedestals (for MicroLogix, Drives and OnLine Controller) and the Electric Utility Substation Demo (which also includes the DLM4100 rack mount dial-up modem) for events such as the major exhibitions in which Rockwell Automation participates. Global Technical Services (GTS) also uses 18 Data-Linc PLC-5 and SLC 5/03 Rack Mount Versions of the SRM6000 Radio Modem (six Master/Remote sets comprised of 6 PLC-5 Rack Mount Masters and 12 SLC 5/03 Rack Mount Remote Modems) for the SCADA Seminars they are conducting worldwide at the rate of one each month. Reliance Electric employs the Data-Linc SRM6000 Radio Modems for installation tests including remote programming of the Reliance Automax Programmable Controllers and Reliance Drives.

Go to the Allen-Bradley Diagrams section to see several typical schematics of various Data-Linc modems interfaced with Allen-Bradley automation equipment for peer-to-peer, multi-drop, multi-point and SCADA applications.

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