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License free, Spread Spectrum Radio Modems

When ordering, please have as much specific information as possible
so that we may provide you with easy installation and operation.

1. To what kind of equipment will the modems be connected?

2. What is the word protocol of the equipment (example: N,8,1)?

Parity: N=none  E=even  O=odd
Data Bits: 8 or 7
Stop Bits: 1 or 2           (NOTE: If a choice is available, N,8,1 is preferred.)

3. What data speed (baud rate) is the equipment?

4. How far apart will the antennas be?

5. Will the antennas be true line-of-sight from each other?

6. Do you have any SRM6000s already in use?

7. If yes to #6, how close will this new application be to the existing site?

8. If you require more than two radio modems please provide Data-Linc Group with a diagram of the proposed application, we will assist you with modem configuration information.

9. If you could include a diagram of your proposed application, it would help Data-linc in providing the most appropriate product(s) and the best solution for your particular needs.

Thank you