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DLM4000 Dial-up/Leased Line Modem

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General Specifications

  • The Modem must have the capability of operating in Dial-up or Leased line mode at a line speed of 28.8 Kbaud in full-duplex mode supporting an uncompressed PLC line speed of 19.2 Kbaud (compressed data rates up to 115.2 Kbaud).
  • The Modem and connecting cables must be factory configured to provide simple installation (custom factory preconfigured—no modem field settings, programming or adapters required).
  • The Modem must meet or exceed industrial operating specifications of and 0 -95% non-condensing humidity 0° to +55° C (32° to +131° F).
  • The Modem will operate at 15 watts with a wall mount transformer (120 VAC to 9 VAC). 24 volt DC option available.
  • The Modem must be able to accept any asynchronous serial data stream and interface to RS232/422/485 or CMOS/TTL signals.
  • For maximum EMI/RFI immunity, the Modem must be housed in a metal enclosure and also provide mounting flanges for ease of installation.
  • If required, the Modem shall include the ability to embed a specified telephone number which is automatically dialed when a logic high signal is received from whatever device to which the Dial-up Modem is connected.
  • If required, Modem shall be capable of supporting remote alarming, random time remote auto-send and remote multidrop.
  • Indicator LEDs’ shall include, at a minimum: Power, Carrier, Data In and Data Out.
  • The Modem must be Model #DLM4000 from Data-Linc Group or approved

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    P/N 158-09940-001